Doin' Time in ISS... A PBS Experience
Doin' Time in ISS... A PBS Experience Doin' Time in ISS is a behavorial management system to be used during in-school suspension. This approach will guarantee students the chance to tell their side of the story. But, most importantly, they will have someone that will listen to them. For decades, educators have been programed to throw consequences at students for bad behavior, rather than trying to discover what caused the students to behave badly. It is time we attempt to go to the root of the problem and help give students the power to solve their own problems. The first step in doing so, is to listen; really listen to them. Often, they already know how to solve their problems, they just need a chance to talk it through. Doin' Time in ISS is designed to be used in the following manner: the ISS teacher assigns a short story, relating to the offense, for the student to read and answer the open ended questions at the end. Together, the student and teacher go over the answers and discuss how the student would change the behavior that caused his/her assignment to ISS. The student becomes an active problem solver instead of just being punished.

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