The Three Little Pigs... A REAL Estate Story


Once upon a time, long ago, in a land not far from here, lived a mother pig and her three sons.  Momma Pig often was heard telling her boys that she had a dream for each of them... read more


Bob the Bully


Most likely, all of us have encountered a bully at some point in our lives. Bob is a school bully. He tells how he bullies, who he bullies, and why he bullies... read more


Seven Days of Bullying Makes One Weak


Bethany is twelve years old and in the sixth grade. Her last seven days have been miserable. Everyday someone bullies her...
read more


Puttin' the "COOL" in SChOOL!


Bill Griffin has been puttin' the "cool" in school for more than 25 years. He wrote this manual for teachers and administrators to be able to interject "fun learning activities" into their lesson plans... read more


Leadership Strategies
That Won't Leave You Hangin'


Bill's thoughts on leadership will revive and rekindle the spirit that first drove you to dream of becoming "that" leader... read more


This Is Why We Dance... Again


Have you ever looked into a mirror and didn't like what you saw?  In This is Why We Dance... Again, a Native American boy has to deal with feeling inferior... read more


Doin' Time in ISS... A PBS Experience


Doin' Time in ISS is a behavorial management system to be used during in-school suspension.  This approach will guarantee students the chance to tell their side of the story... read more


Cooking with Character


Who wouldn't enjoy a healthy plate of Wordy Durds for breakfast, perhaps some Angry Mush for lunch, or some Shake, Rattle, and Roll Salad for dinner?... read more


Stupid Is As Stupid Does


The title of this book should be enough to encourage you to want to read it from cover to cover.  Chapter one opens with the subject of kissing... read more

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