Seven Days of Bullying Makes One Weak
Seven Days of Bullying Makes One Weak Bethany is twelve years old and in the sixth grade. Her last seven days have been miserable. Every day someone bullies her. It all started on Monday when she was the only person in her class to make a passing grade on the math test. That turned into an opportunity for a few in her class to bully her. Thursday wasn't any better. The lunch room manager yelled across the room for her to use her new lunch number since she now gets free lunch. See, her dad lost his job recently. Instead of compassion, she was bullied. It seems that sometimes those around us look for reasons to put us down rather than help pick us up. These last seven days have made Bethany W-e-a-k. Grab a copy of Seven Days of Bullying make one Weak and see for yourself how seven days of bullying really can make one weak.

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